Thursday, July 29, 2010

Odds and ends

Motorola makes a fashion statement and Google wants to get into the social networking game. Meanwhile, will the last person reading a newspaper please throw it into the recycling bin?

Back to that Google item for a second. There are all these rumors about Google Me. Can anyone really de-throne Facebook in the near future? True, it doesn't have high user satisfaction. People get annoyed with the constant changes to its interface and security settings. And Google could promise integration with all its other services and applications.

But I think too many people have invested too much time and effort into their Facebook pages, profiles and groups. A lot of people and organizations joined reluctantly, but dived right in once they got started. The people who came latest to social networking are going to be the last to ditch Facebook. I envision everyone looking around, waiting for all their friends and customers to leave Facebook for its rival -- and in the meantime, everyone stays.

Is Facebook like Microsoft, circa 1996? I remember the saying -- There are Mac lovers, and Windows users. But a lot of people stuck with Microsoft because it was the dominant player and it was what they knew. You don't have to love a product to keep using it. Just ask the cable company.

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