Thursday, December 2, 2010

Still not dead

Boy am I tired of reading articles and blog posts by PR experts telling what tools I should discard because they are supposedly useless and antiquated.

The press release is of course the major target. I don't know if it is laziness or what, but some PR people just fish for an excuse not to have to write these. It's not my fault if you can't be bothered to write good ones, or can't stand up to internal politics and scrub them clean of jargon and useless quotes.

Yes, I still use them to get good media hits. And yes, I still create media lists, but I craft them thoughtfully so that my stuff goes to reporters who are relevant and won't see it as spam.

We are in an audience-driven business, now more than ever. You have to know what your audience wants and needs, how they consume media and acquire information. That should dictate what tools to use.

In case you are wondering what set me off, it is this:
5 things PR should eliminate immediately

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