Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On Mormons and other thoughts for a Wednesday evening

*Now that two Mormons are among the candidates for the Republican nomination for president, the church is rolling out nationally the brand campaign it launched in a few test markets, including Pittsburgh, last year. You can read my thoughts at the time. (And some more thoughts here.)

*I used this blog post about Cisco's new online newsroom to explain brand journalism to a colleague outside of PR. A great example of this emerging concept.

*Gini Dietrich at Spin Sucks writes that PR people need to demonstrate their value to their employers by, you know, actually understanding their organization's business goals and finding ways to help meet them. It seems like a no-brainer unless you've spent time with old-school PR folks who see what Dietrich describes as the domain of marketers, and that there should be a high wall between marketing and PR. It's outdated thinking that will consign much of our profession to the dustbin.

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