Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And you do what for a living?

As an update to my previous post about the PRSA's effort to define public relations, here are the organization's three candidates for the official definition of just what the hell it is I do everyday:

Definition No. 1:

Public relations is the management function of researching, engaging, communicating, and collaborating with stakeholders in an ethical manner to build mutually-beneficial relationships and achieve results.

Definition No. 2:

Public relations is a strategic communication process that develops and maintains mutually-beneficial relationships between organizations and their key publics.

Definition No. 3:

Public relations is the engagement between organizations and individuals to achieve mutual understanding and realize strategic goals.

Remember, here is my definition:

Public relations is a strategic process by which an organization reconciles its interests with those of the public.

Careful readers will note that I've added the word "strategic" to my definition, a nod to the second candidate above -- which is pretty close to mine  -- but also because everything we do in PR needs to be tied to the strategic goals of our clients or organization. That notion is at the heart of just about everything this blog is about, and, hopefully, everything I'm about as a professional.

It's all the definition I need.

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