Monday, July 30, 2012

The Spin Cycle, 7/30

A round-up of recent happenings and commentary in the world of public relations, marketing, and whatever else I find relevant.

Mine, Mine, Mine: This writer lays out 13 reasons why PR folks should be in charge of social media. (Presumably instead of the marketing side.) They are all compelling, but perhaps because I work in a totally integrated department, I find this question tiresome. It's born of insecurity, as the author clearly shows with reason 13:

We understand that the PR label may not exist in a few years, but we’re not sitting around waiting for the axe to fall.

It's good to stay relevant. But it's bad to look desperate.

SEO is A-OK: A refreshing reminder about the importance of search-engine optimization to public relations. My favorite part:

When there is lack of accountability for measurement or assigning value to a piece of content in the way of views, site referrals, downloads or even shares, it’s easy to see SEO slip through the cracks. We’ve found that when clients release content that’s accountable to results, they’ll see the value that SEO brings and the need to incorporate it throughout the process.

Fried Chicken, Half-Baked PR: A good account of Chick-fil-A's deceitful response to its president's comments opposing gay marriage. But my own opinion is that the big-city mayors' efforts to thwart the restaurant chain from opening locations will garner Chick-fil-A sympathy. It's one thing for consumers to boycott a business if they find its owner's political views distasteful. It's a whole other matter for government to use its power to punish a legitimate business that does not appear to actually practice discrimination against any group. That is simply wrong.

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