Thursday, September 27, 2012

Still alive

It's been an interesting couple of months. My mother died, I moved, and the job has been crazy. (Crazy good, though.) Before I make my full-fledged re-entry to blogging, let me share friend and former colleague Dave Copeland's thoughts on PR in a post about bad pitches:

I don’t complain about them – a good P.R. person is not the nemesis or evil entity a lot of hack journalists pretend they are (while cowering at their teet when they need to). But I will say it’s very rare for me to consider an unsolicited pitch from a P.R. person I haven’t previously worked with.

Two things: Who is enough of a tool to offer to send a journalist a gift through the mail? I don't want to work with a journalist who can be bought, because if they can be bought by me, they can be bought by the competition. (Of course, publications can be bought, and that's OK with most of us -- if I buy an ad and you offer me editorial, I'm damn well going to take it.)

Second, notice the emphasis on relationships. Dave has to know you if you want to dance. There is a reason it's called "public relations", people.

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